Popular bakery to re-open after permanently closing just days ago due to major U-Turn

December 14, 2023 by No Comments

Just as Twin Cities donut enthusiasts were mourning the impending closure of Thirsty Whale Bakery in north Minneapolis, a ray of hope has emerged. The beloved shop, known for its delectable Samoa Long John donuts and other sweet treats, will be reopening its doors on Monday, December 18th. This news comes just days after the bakery announced its impending closure.

This heartwarming turn of events is thanks to the intervention of Alise and Luke McGregor, owners of Minnetonka’s renowned YoYo Donut. The couple announced on Wednesday that they have acquired Thirsty Whale from its founder and head baker, Kyle Baker.

Baker, the mastermind behind Thirsty Whale’s signature flavors, will remain with the bakery as its lead baker. The McGregors have assured that minimal changes will be made to the shop, ensuring that the unique charm and deliciousness that have made Thirsty Whale a neighborhood favorite will remain intact.

The reopening of Thirsty Whale is a welcome relief for donut lovers across the Twin Cities, who can now rejoice in the knowledge that their favorite treats will continue to grace their taste buds. With the expertise of the McGregors and the baking talents of Kyle Baker, Thirsty Whale is poised to embark on a new chapter, continuing to delight its loyal patrons with its delectable creations.

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