Military Jet sighted in Colorado skies

December 14, 2023 by No Comments

It’s not every day you’re sitting on a chairlift in Steamboat Springs when you look up and see a military jet flying above you in the air. However, this is exactly what one Colorado resident experienced yesterday. Originally posted on Reddit, a shocked user shared the footage with others as the jet flew past the snowy resort. As you may expect with this, you’re more likely to hear the plane before you actually see it due to its loud jet engine.

It is most likely that this plane was flying to a nearby air base as there are a few dotted around Colorado. At the same time, this isn’t exactly a normal occurrence, and isn’t surprising that the plane surprised those on social media.


The F-16 Fighting Falcon is a highly advanced and versatile multi-role fighter aircraft. The F-16 was originally designed in the 1970s as a lightweight, low-cost fighter aircraft, but over the years it’s been continuously upgraded to keep up with modern threats. It can be outfitted with a wide range of weaponry, including missiles, bombs, and targeting pods, and it has advanced radar and avionics systems. The cost of an F-16C/D is around $18 million per aircraft, and it’s been used in various conflicts around the world, including in the Gulf War, Kosovo War, and Operation Enduring Freedom.

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