Bill Lee blasted over ‘hypocritical’ religious school choice claims

December 14, 2023 by No Comments

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee was recently blasted over ‘hypocritical’ school choice claims after visiting a Christian school in the state. Here, he stated that parents at said school had spoken to him about school choice and how they knew best. Although Lee put a positive spin on things, this definitely didn’t go down well with his secular constituents.

The statement was made on Twitter and faced backlash. Here, he said: ‘This morning, @CSexton25, TN legislators & I heard from parents at Memphis’ New Hope Christian Academy about how school choice is changing the lives of their children. Parents know best, & our statewide parental choice plan will extend education freedom to families across TN.’

Overall, this prompted 70 replies, with many of them bashing Lee. Some even went as far as to brandish him as a hypocrite. One user named Shawn Hunter claimed: “Separation of church and state, means my tax dollars too. Give me back my money, I didn’t get to vote on this.”

Elsewhere, another user said: “Ever heard of separation of church and state? Also what kind of oversight and standards do these schools have to meet compared to our public schools? Will DOE be grading them? How many special needs children do they serve?”

Despite Lee’s optimism for his school system, it looks as though many were staunchly against this and made their voices heard.

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