Weird lights spotted in Jacksonville skies – But there is a simple explanation

December 13, 2023 by No Comments

Last night, Jacksonville residents who looked up at the night sky were treated to an unusual sight – a string of 20 small blue lights moving in a perfectly straight line. While many were initially taken aback by this celestial spectacle, the truth behind it turned out to be more mundane than many imagined.

The mysterious lights were the work of Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite service, a venture under his SpaceX company that provides broadband internet to over 60 regions around the world. These satellites have been orbiting Earth since 2019, but their recent increased visibility has led to some confusion and even excitement among stargazers.


News of the incident was also shared on Reddit where one user explained the incident would be happening beforehand. Typically, locals can sometimes jump to conclusions with these sightings so this information may have been a relief for some.

To track the movements of Starlink satellites, you can visit this designated website. As it turns out, Jacksonville has been in the path of these satellites in recent days, meaning residents have a good chance of witnessing their unique formation in the night sky again in the near future. So, if you missed out on this astronomical oddity last night, keep an eye on the sky, and you may be rewarded with another glimpse of these futuristic lights.

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