Tina Kotek introduces ‘taskforce’ to reduce drugs – However, many aren’t buying it

December 13, 2023 by No Comments

Earlier today, Oregon Governor Tina Kotek announced a crackdown on drug use within the city of Portland. Here, she declared it a ‘Central City taskforce’ which came with certain recommendations. This was announced on her Twitter account, which included a number of ways to tackle the rampant drug use in the city going into next year. Despite her proposals, many from Portland viewed it as too late, and a solution to her own creation. In short, many have been crying out for this sort of response for years, so why now?

Speaking on Twitter, Kotek wrote: ‘Part 1 of 4 of Portland Central City Taskforce recommendations: Declare a fentanyl emergency. Ban public use of fentanyl, meth, and other drugs. Focus current resources to prepare for a public use ban’.

Replying to this, one user claimed: “Liberals created this mess. Now they can create more high paying jobs and taxes to very very slowly try to fix it only to discover they can’t but their pals still get paid. Perfect crime.”

Elsewhere, another user added: “This is the full picture: 1) create the problems by allowing thugs & rioters to destroy the city without intervention/repercussions 2) support policies that attract drugs & criminals 3) do nothing for years 4) use hard-earned taxpayer dollars to pretend to fix the problems.”

Based on this, it will be interesting to see what kind of legislation will be introduced to Portland next year. It is feasible that this could tackle its drug problems. However, city residents may have heard it all before.


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