The future is now as bizarre security robot seen on Portland streets

December 13, 2023 by No Comments

A new security robot, affectionately named Rob, has been deployed to patrol the perimeter of the parking garage at U.S. Bancorp Tower, also known as Big Pink. Installed by Unico Properties LLC, the owners of Portland’s second-tallest building, Rob stands at 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 420 pounds. This autonomous security guard is equipped with a suite of advanced features, including continuous 4K, 360-degree video surveillance, thermal imaging, a two-way intercom system, and license plate recognition technology.

Unico Properties Director of Real Estate Services Keren Eichen described Rob as a fun interaction point and encouraged the public to visit the building and snap selfies with the security machine.


News of the robot was shared on Reddit which prompted over 400 comments. Here, users joked that it was now safe to go downtown due to the presence of the obscure robot. Whether it actually lessens crime however, remains to be seen. Regardless, its presence has definitely not gone unnoticed and its novelty factor is certainly high.

This robotic addition marks Unico Properties’ latest effort to modernize Big Pink’s security system. The tower is already equipped with over 200 strategically placed cameras. According to Knightscope Inc., the company behind Rob, these robots have proven effective in reducing crime rates and increasing arrests.

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