Shocking image shows before and after of Grand/Lakeshore encampment clean-up

December 13, 2023 by No Comments

For years, the underneath of the 580 bridge at Grand/Lakeshore has had a homeless encampment. This has made it difficult to walk past the area, especially for the safety-conscious residents of Oakland while also causing other social problems nearby.

However, in recent days it has been cleared up and has undergone a dramatic turnaround. The previous tents, garbage, and generally messy area has since been replaced by neat flower beds. Although some argue this only kicks the problem down the road, it certainly looks better as far as Grand/Lakeshore is concerned.


News of the cleanup was shared on Reddit, where one user wrote: “Kudos to the City, which I’m sure either did this or funded it. Sadness for the folks who were living there, who are now somehow else and displaced. The way our society has failed to provide a meaningful way in for so many people is a horror that we all should be ashamed of. I worked on this issue for many years, and there are no easy answers. But compassion for all involved helps, and appreciation for those trying to improve our area is something we can all give. Two things can coexist — sadness for those who are suffering without homes and happiness when the city intervenes to try and make a change visible ongoing tragedy.”

Overall, this shows that Oakland can look nice and that things can change for the better. Although this may not be seen as a big deal by some, arguably it is a step in the right direction.


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