Mike DeWine criticized after Ohio’s new ‘AAA’ financial credit rating

December 13, 2023 by No Comments

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine was recently criticized after boasting about Ohio’s new ‘AAA’ financial rating that had been given by major credit bureaus. Although this was seen as a win by DeWine, many of his constituents used his statement to remind him about many of the financial and societal issues in Ohio.

Speaking on Twitter, DeWine wrote: ‘Today, I have announced for the first time Ohio has been rated “AAA/Aaa” by all three rating major credit bureaus. This remarkable financial milestone underscores that Ohio is at the forefront of financial excellence and economic innovation. Our strategies are yielding tangible benefits, making Ohio a prime destination for businesses and families.’

Responding to this, one user claimed: “While having the #1 corrupt state legislature, money stolen from public schools to support religious indoctrination, young & educated fleeing in droves, spitting in the faces of what voters want. Sure Mike, things are going great.”

Similarly, a user named Tammy Miller added: “Pay your teachers, police and state workers decent wages for the work they do! Our nursing homes are unfit for humans – pay the workers better and have better guidelines and inspections. This isn’t hard stuff, how can anyone wonder why we don’t have enough teachers?”

Overall, this shows how judging success often depends on the perspective of the individual. While a AAA rating may be a positive, it looks as though DeWine still has a lot of work to do in terms of improving Ohio.


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