Loud blast wakes up residents in Aina Haina during night – Here’s what happened

December 13, 2023 by No Comments

If you live in the Aina Haina area of Hawaii, then there’s a chance that you were woken up last night by a large explosion. Although this wasn’t picked up by the mainstream media, it did trend on social media, where various Aina Haina residents spoke about the loud noise. Specifically, this happened around 3 AM, so it’s unsurprising that it woke a few people up. In the morning, news had spread with many locals speculating on what the noise was.

Over on Reddit, various users had experienced the same thing, with some arguing that it could have been the result of a faulty transformer. However, one user claimed with certainty that it was the doing of a homemade firework. Although this account has not been proven or disproven, there seemed no reason for the individual to lie about the events.

According to this individual, they said: “It was a homemade firework (aka bomb). A car threw it out the window on Hao Street. I heard the car speed off, then saw a light flash, and then heard the boom. The smoke wafted into our house. It was clearly powder from the device. This was followed by a squad of police cars racing up the valley.”

This claim was backed up by another person, who said that fireworks were frequent in the area around this time of year. Nonetheless, it seems like if true, this firework was incredibly loud.


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