Iconic LA Hotel to permanently close after 10 years of business

December 13, 2023 by No Comments

The iconic Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles will be permanently closing its doors at the end of January, marking the end of an era for the celebrated hotel chain. The hip property, which has been a cornerstone of the revitalized downtown LA neighborhood for a decade, faced significant challenges during the pandemic and is now succumbing to the broader economic downturn gripping the city and many urban cores across the country.

Representatives from the Ace Hotel have confirmed the impending closure, with the final day of operation set for January 31st. Staff has been informed of the decision, and the hotel is currently in the process of reaching out to guests and event organizers who have planned to utilize the venue.

Over the past decade, the Ace Hotel brand has expanded its reach globally, growing from a modest Seattle-based venture to an established presence in major cities worldwide. With locations in Palm Springs, New York City, New Orleans, Kyoto, Japan, Toronto, Canada, and Sydney, Australia, the Ace Hotel has consistently catered to younger travelers seeking modern, stylish accommodations and unique experiences. In Los Angeles, the hotel seamlessly blended into the historic California Petroleum Building, a 1920s-era structure that also houses the renowned United Artists Theatre.

While plans for the Ace Hotel building have not yet been publicly disclosed, the Theatre at Ace Hotel is expected to undergo a rebranding and continue hosting live events.

The 2014 opening of the Ace Hotel in downtown LA was hailed as a major milestone for the city’s efforts to revitalize the area. The surrounding neighborhoods, particularly the Historic Core and South Park subdistricts, had witnessed a surge in new restaurants, nightlife options, and a growing tourist influx. Just months before the Ace’s debut, the now-shuttered restaurant Alma, located across the street, had garnered acclaim as Bon Appétit’s “Best New Restaurant in America.” Within weeks of its opening, the Ace’s rooftop bar quickly became a popular destination for lively gatherings and celebrations.

The closure of the Ace Hotel marks a significant setback for the revitalized downtown LA landscape and reflects the broader economic challenges facing urban cores nationwide. While the hotel’s legacy will undoubtedly endure, its departure signifies the changing tides of the hospitality industry and the unpredictable nature of urban redevelopment.

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