Des Moines most expensive home gets listed for sale – And it’s worth millions

December 13, 2023 by No Comments

Located on Foster Drive, Des Moines’s most expensive property has just been listed for sale. As you may expect, this is not cheap and is listed on Zillow for $4,500,000. Having said this, its price is reflected by its beauty as this is a home built with bricks and has a European style as a result. In total, it has 7,013 sqft of property, as well as 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms as well as a 1.82 acre plot. Despite looking very modern inside and out, it was actually built in 1918 but has since undergone numerous renovations.


As well as the aforementioned, it also has a sizeable backyard that includes a swimming pool and guest house as well as landscaped gardens and a hot tub. Arguably, the front of the property doesn’t quite do it justice and the fun is located at the back.


Inside, the house has plenty of open-plan living areas, as well as an office, gym, garage spaces, gourmet kitchen, and plenty of modern bathrooms. As seen, a lot of time and money has been put into making this a fantastic home. Overall, it will be interesting to see how this performs on the market. Undoubtedly, it is very unique and special. Nonetheless, you don’t really see houses in Des Moines for over $4,000,000, so this may struggle to sell even with its many fantastic features.

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