Creepy image shows thousands of crows as they descend upon Minneapolis

December 13, 2023 by No Comments

Recently, thousands of crows have descended upon Minneapolis. This has been documented across various social media websites, with users witnessing the bizarre sightings around the city. While the gathering of crows isn’t too odd, it is quite strange to see thousands of them coming together at once. According to one Minneapolis resident, this happened yesterday when crows could be sighted from Abbott to Fairview Riverside.

This was originally documented on Reddit, where many other locals shared similar stories. According to some, this is a regular occurrence around this time of year and may be to do with the environmental factors of the city during December.

In fact, the gathering of these crows has even gained a Facebook group that documents their whereabouts. This currently has over 5,000 members who often discuss the location of said crows around Minneapolis.

In technical terms, this gathering is referred to as a ‘murder’. The phenomenon of crows gathering in large groups has been observed for centuries and has been the subject of folklore and superstition. In some cultures, crows are seen as omens of bad luck, while in others, they are considered to be wise and intelligent birds.

Despite their sometimes sinister reputation, crows are actually quite fascinating creatures. They are highly intelligent, social, and capable of using tools. They also play an important role in our ecosystems by controlling populations of pests and scavenging for food.

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