Tony Evers calls for marijuana legalization

December 12, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers called on the state to legalize marijuana, claiming the taxation money was being lost to neighboring states. Naturally, this sparked a big discussion, which gained over 200 comments after Evers mentioned it on his Twitter account.

Here, he wrote: ‘The revenue we’d generate from legalizing marijuana could be invested back into our communities. Right now, that’s money going out the door to other states. It’s time to join our neighbors in legalizing and taxing marijuana, just like we do alcohol.’

Currently, cannabis has been legalized in 24 states. However, Wisconsin is not one of them.

Replying to this, one user named Holger Meerbote claimed: “You will need a Democratic controlled state legislature to make this happen. As we’ve seen in Ohio, even though the voters passed a referendum to legalize cannabis, the Republican legislature has been trying to find ways to overturn it.”

Elsewhere, user Dan Blaser was not a fan and added: “Marijuana use has been shown to cause anxiety depression, and schizophrenia per the CDC. You ok with legalizing recreational marijuana just to grab people’s hard-earned money even though it can damage people’s mental health?”

Based on this, there may be some constitutional and cultural hurdles for Evers to jump through if his plan is to work and this could take years to implement.

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