Shock As $10 Watermelons Sighted In Asheville

December 12, 2023 by No Comments

In an image shared on social media, Asheville locals were somewhat shocked as a $10 watermelon was found for sale in a local grocery store. Everyone knows that inflation has increased the price of goods, specifically food and rent. However, $10 for a single watermelon does seem like a stretch outside of any grocery store other than Whole Foods.

For reference, the average price of a watermelon is around $0.35 per pound, with the typical watermelon weighing around 20 pounds, which may surprise you, but remember that this green ball is made up of 90% water. Based on this logic, it wouldn’t be too unreasonable to see a $7 watermelon. Although as you can see in the image, some of the melons are literally twice the size of others.

Image // Reddit

With that being said, some people thought that the price was reasonable. After all, watermelons are not Christmas fruits and would have to be imported, they certainly wouldn’t be growing in North Carolina in December, as the typical planting month is April, to be harvested in May or June.

Given that Florida has had a lot of rain, it would make sense that these particular watermelons would have to be either imported from Central America or Asia, thus adding a huge amount of shipping cost to the final price.

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