Drivers Left Baffled After Car Is Sighted Floating In Rock Creek Park

December 12, 2023 by No Comments

A Washington D.C. local had a strange encounter when walking through Rock Creek Park. Perhaps expecting to see a duck or a dog in the water, the resident spotted a light blue SUV.

Image // Reddit

At first, people were quite unsure how the vehicle actually managed to get this deep into the water, with some suggesting that it may have tried to cross a ford, something which was not too uncommon in the park 60 years ago. If the driver was older and confused, it would have made sense that this could have happened.

Image // Reddit

However, one eagle-eyed citizen is believed to have solved the mystery of how the car actually ended up in the creek. It seems as though they may have missed a turning and accidentally driven down the slope and into the creek. This area has been sealed off with yellow police tape, so it is the most logical explanation.

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