$650 Per Month Pod Style Apartment Shocks Locals In Los Angeles

December 12, 2023 by No Comments

In a rental advertisement posted to the platform Roomies, L.A. locals were shocked to see a Tokyo-style pod apartment being advertised for a first-month special price of $650.

Overall, the sentiment surrounding the apartment was not good, with many people being shocked that this style of apartment actually existed and that people would be willing to pay $750 per month rent for this coffin-style bed. That’s right, after the first month, your rent would go up to a price of $750, for a small bed, shared wifi, shared lockers, a shared kitchen, and of course, a shared shower.

Image // Reddit

Los Angeles residents on Reddit pointed out that just 10 years ago, a one-bedroom apartment in Van Nuys cost $900 per month, now you can expect to pay $750 per month and share the living space with up to 7 other people.

For reference, this living accommodation is situated in Reseda between Northridge and Tarzana, where studio apartments rent for around $1500-$2000. So there is no doubt that you would save money by living in this pod.

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