Youtuber Captures The Sad State Of Lloyd Center Mall In Unique Video

December 11, 2023 by No Comments

The once hugely popular Lloyd Center Mall has been used as a feature in a YouTube video about how the mall is slowly dying.

This is a sentiment shared by many people in Portland, especially those who visit the city. Even though the mall has well over 10000 reviews on Google, many tourists to the city have expressed their shock at just how empty the mall is. Of course, those who have lived in the city for a long time already know what to expect.

The creator of the video states “As we entered, we were shocked to find how dead it was in there. A place full of people and memories was all gone, and what was left behind was a dying mall. We took it upon ourselves to shoot this short film before it was too late. We wanted to capture the liminal feeling of an empty mall and the horrors of it too. We hope you enjoy Lloyd’s liminal loneliness.”

However, there are still quite a few businesses thriving within the mall, particularly those surrounding geek culture. The Lloyd Center still has a Gamestop, a Lego store, a comic book store, an anime store, as well as a Barnes & Noble. So it would seem as though not absolutely every industry has been decimated by online shopping.

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