Stunning San Diego mansion hits the market – But it’s not cheap

December 11, 2023 by No Comments

Located at Vista Del Mar Ave, this property has just hit the market and is one of the priciest homes in the city. That’s high even for San Diego standards. Listed on Zillow, it is priced at a staggering $23,800,000 but it has the wow factor to justify it.

This includes 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and 4,900 sqft of living space. As you may expect, it’s also packed with luxury features and is very modern. This is because it was built this year. Not only this but its scenic ocean views and location also add to its attraction.


As seen, this property has three stories and is located on Whispering Sands Beach. The outside also comes with a grassy yard, and expansive artificial turf surrounds the pool, 6-person hot tub, a swimming pool, a BBQ command center, and dual fire-pits.


Interestingly, the entrance conceals the rest of the property so if you walked past it, you may not know it’s there. In short, there’s really not much completion in San Diego when it comes to a property like this. Based on these factors, we don’t expect this house to be on the market for too long. Even though it is expensive, you can’t deny its luxury features.

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