Protesters Sighted Outside Of Sacramento Bookstore During Drag Queen Story Hour

December 11, 2023 by No Comments

On Saturday at 11:30 AM, the bookstore A Seat At The Table, located at 9257 Laguna Springs Dr #130, Elk Grove became an unwanted battleground for ideologies. A relatively small but loud group of protestors stood outside the store with signs that disagreed with LGBTQ ideologies.

The store was hosting a public event Drag Queen Storytime hosted by Dolly Romano. It’s not known what book was read, but this event is pretty much what you would expect, a drag queen reading a storybook to children.

An image of the event // Eventbrite

This is the first time the protestors have been seen, but not the first time a drag queen storytime has happened, which seems to happen 1 or 2 times per month with a different reader each time. It is unknown if the protestors were affiliated to a particular group, or whether they will be back in the future.

For those wondering, the concept of Drag story time was started in 2015 by a drag activist who wanted to promote reading and diversity. The idea of this was to give children an introduction to gender fluidity and positive queer role models.

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