Photo Shows Two St Louis Locals Going For A Late Night Horse Ride Around Delmar Loop

December 11, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, 2 horse riders were photographed trotting down Delmar Loop, going for a late night ride. Obviously, this is very unusual as you may not be too surprised to see horse riders in Forest Park, but not on concrete sidewalks outside of restaurants.

Locals of the area claimed to have seen the riders before, claiming it wasn’t too common, but they had also seen the late-night riders on Lindbergh, as well as in the neighborhood of Ferguson.

Others who saw the horses were not too impressed, as forcing the animals to run on asphalt can cause serious joint problems. One rider who ran his horse down a freeway for 7 miles in 2020 eventually had his horse taken away from him after it was found to be bleeding from its legs.

Image // Reddit

The law surrounding the matter of riding horses in St Louis City is actually not too complicated. You are allowed to ride a horse, but only in designated areas. Therefore, it is illegal to ride a horse down public streets and sidewalks.

Some St Louis residents were not impressed either, wondering who would pick up the poop of the horse when they were riding around the streets, as well as mentioning that riding an untrained horse could be very dangerous for pedestrians.

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