New High-End Steak Restaurant Opens Doors In Baltimore

December 11, 2023 by No Comments

A new high-quality steak restaurant named Zanders has opened in the heart of Baltimore, located at 135 E Baltimore St. The restaurant serves a variety of cuts and also offers a free valet service located on Calvert st.

It’s worth noting that the interior of the building is simply stunning and it is rare to find a restaurant in America based in such an architectural wonder.

The historical importance of the Alex. Brown Building can be attributed to two key factors. Firstly, it holds significance due to its long-standing association with the esteemed financial institution, Alex Brown and Sons, which is recognized as the oldest investment banking firm in the United States, dating back to its establishment in 1808. This firm has played a direct role in financing the development of Baltimore, starting with its inaugural venture involving the underwriting of Baltimore’s initial public waterworks project in 1808. Since its completion in 1901, the building was consistently the firm’s primary office location.

Image // Zanders

The menu shows that the restaurant serves steak from $44 all the way up to $130, with some very specific temperatures. The sides are really not overpriced at all, costing just $8 each.

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