New Dessert Store Finally Replaces Old Skippers Restaurant In Tacoma

December 11, 2023 by No Comments

At a location that was vacant for a very long time, a new dessert store named Erica’s Worlds Best Mexican Desserts has appeared on the corner of Pacific Avenue and 48th Street in Tacoma.

The name World’s Best Mexican Desserts is quite a claim, as surely a store that sold the best Mexican desserts in Tacoma would certainly be good enough. However, it seems as this is likely a rebrand from another location of Erica’s Peace Love & Ice Cream as it shares exactly the same branding style, with the original dessert store being located just down the street.

Image // Google Maps

The location is ideal since it is within walking distance to Gas station park, so customers can drop by on a whim.

Locals were somewhat surprised as the original building was not left in the best state. As you can see from the image of the old Skippers seafood restaurant, at the very least the building would need a new roof, paint, as well as a complete refurbishment on the inside.


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