Iconic Rooftop Restaurant Set To Close In Jersey City

December 11, 2023 by No Comments

After nearly 30 years in operation, the Iron Monkey, located at 99 Greene St. in Jersey City, has announced its impending closure by the end of this year, as conveyed through their social media channels. The establishment, situated in Exchange Place and inaugurated in 1995, bid a heartfelt farewell to its patrons, inviting them to celebrate the cherished memories of three decades.

In an Instagram post signed by owner Stephen McIntyre, the Iron Monkey expressed gratitude for the support and loyalty of its clientele. They also shared plans for a series of final events and offered a 50% discount on vintage tap beers as part of the farewell celebration.

Image // Iron Monkey Instagram

According to the announcement, the Iron Monkey’s last day of operation will be on December 31, 2023. Leading up to that date, they will continue to welcome guests from Tuesday to Sunday, designating Mondays as their weekly day of closure.

The social media post has garnered substantial engagement, amassing over 300 likes and numerous comments from well-wishers. Among those were people who remember visiting the rooftop restaurant when it first opened and mentioning that they could see the Manhatten skyline due to the lack of urban sprawl. Also, it’s worth noting that Iron Monkey gave thanksgiving meals every year to those who could not afford one themselves.

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