Tate Reeves blasted over Mississippi financial literacy claims

December 10, 2023 by No Comments

Recently, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves was blasted for boasting about the state’s financial literacy compared to others. Tate took to his personal Twitter account where he wrote: ‘Mississippi is one of only seven states to receive an “A” grade for its personal finance instruction. We’ve prioritized financial literacy, and it’s making a positive impact on students across Mississippi.’

Despite his optimism, not everyone viewed it this way and used the replies section to let their voices be heard. It wasn’t just financial issues they pressed him on either.

Replying to this, one user named Brian Rifkin claimed: “Are you suggesting they are teaching this in high school? College? Adult education classes? With nearly 30% of Mississippi children living in poverty (twice the national rate), this seems a little far-fetched.”

Elsewhere, another added: “Governor Reeve’s your own economic plan warrants an F+. How do you plan to make up the deficit in the budget if you cut out the state income tax? Are you planning to raise our property taxes? Is that your plan Governor Reeves?”

These were just a few of the comments that highlighted the growing discontent with certain voters when it comes to Reeves and the political divide of Mississippi when it comes to financial issues.

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