Super Popular Ramen Food Truck Gets Permanent Location In Wallingford

December 10, 2023 by No Comments

Wallingford is set to further establish itself as a hub for ramen enthusiasts, with Midnite Ramen making plans to permanently park its food cart at the upcoming Figurehead Brewing location later this winter. This move will see Midnite Ramen join the ranks of neighboring eateries specializing in ramen, including Yoroshiku, Kozue, and Ooink.

Midnite Ramen has gained a solid reputation for a variety of its dishes. Remen enthusiasts will likely already know that, currently, the food cart operates three evenings per week at Figurehead Brewing’s existing Magnolia taproom, with an additional evening at Obec Brewing, where it often garners more customers than it can efficiently serve.

The limitations of the current setup, allow the truck to serve only 120 bowls of ramen each day. The relocation to the new Figurehead Brewing site is expected to alleviate this issue where customers will no longer need to be turned away due to popularity.

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The food cart’s existing capacity is limited to boiling and steaming, but the inclusion of an open kitchen in the new establishment opens up new possibilities. Joining Midnite Ramen in utilizing this kitchen will be Ooshiba’s Sushi and Yakitori. The kitchen will also feature a pickup booth for online orders and a self-ordering kiosk for items beyond ramen, including Komagata’s unique interpretations of Osaka street food classics like gyoza and takoyaki.

The taproom can accommodate around 60 patrons enjoying ramen whereas the 35 outdoor seats are expected to be particularly popular during favorable weather conditions.

In addition to expanding the beverage offerings at the new location with kombucha, sake, and tea services to complement the food, Figurehead Brewing looks forward to nurturing its partnership with Midnite Ramen.

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