Long Beach Residents Told To Look Out For Serial Mail Thief

December 10, 2023 by No Comments

During the holiday season, a heightened influx of letters and packages creates a prime opportunity for mail theft, an issue of concern for many residents. The specific incident in question took place at an apartment building located at 133 Promenade Walk in Long Beach.

Residents of the building have expressed their apprehensions regarding potential mail theft. Some of the residents highlighted the importance of receiving certain critical correspondence, emphasizing the impact it has on veterans like himself who await letters concerning their disabled benefits from the VA.

Property management at 133 Promenade Walk has issued warnings to residents about a recurring problem with serial mail thieves. Concerns have grown as the holiday season approaches, with worries about the theft of Christmas cards and gifts.

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Surveillance footage captured on December 5 around 5:30 a.m. reveals two individuals breaking into the apartment building. They were seen leaving the premises with a sizable bag containing stolen mail. One of the thieves has been observed on three separate occasions engaging in mail theft. Incidents were reported in August, September, October, and most recently, on December 5.

The thief’s modus operandi appears consistent. He approaches the mailboxes, collects the mail, and places it into a trash bag. The stolen items include prescriptions, checks, credit cards, and potentially personal mail from families.

Law enforcement authorities from the Long Beach Police Department have been alerted to these incidents, with police reports filed. Investigations are ongoing, but at the time of reporting, there has been no response from the police department to inquiries about the case.

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