Jared Polis bashed over education investment claims

December 10, 2023 by No Comments

Recently, Colorado Governor Jared Polis got into hot water regarding his claims surrounding investment into the local education system. This began after he made comments on his personal Twitter page where he boasted about the state.

Here, he said: ‘When we invest in our students and educators, we are investing in the future of our entire state, and that’s why today we are celebrating these historic bipartisan investments in improving math achievement for Colorado students.’

In the comments section, a number of Coloradans disputed his claims and accused him of posturing. As ever, politics is often down to different opinions.

Replying to this, one user named Blake said: “Why are our state politicians forever improving our education system without actually improving our education system? Actually, each so-called investment has resulted in a decline.”

Elsewhere, another user claimed: “Proud of these results? The average math score for students in Colorado in ’22 (275) was lower than their average score in ’19 (285) and in ‘03 (283). The percentage of students in Colorado who performed at or above the NAEP Proficient level was 28 percent in 2022.”

Based on this, it looks like Polis’s opinions on improving local education are very different compared to the views of others. Perhaps more important than opinions is the use of stats when judging such things.

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