Hunter Straps Deer To The Back Of Their Car On Boston Highway

December 10, 2023 by No Comments

In a rather strange event, a Toyota Camry was spotted on a Boston road with a deer strapped to the back of their car.

With the head overhanging the left-hand side of the vehicle, and the body completely blocking the back window, the driver’s visibility is extremely restricted as they can’t really see any traffic behind them, especially smaller vehicles and motorcycles.

Image // Reddit

Strangely enough, the driver is not entirely in the wrong as Massachusetts state law, requires some part of the deer to be visible from a vehicle while transporting until the kill has been reported. Therefore, if this deer had not been reported, the driver must obey the law and therefore may have used this logic when strapping the deer to the trunk of the car.

In reality, though, this law is more applicable to pick-up trucks where deer carcasses can easily be displayed, while at the same time not blocking the view of the driver. In all likelihood, the Toyota driver did not want to risk getting any ticks on his seats.


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