Extremely Strange Car Parked In Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

December 10, 2023 by No Comments

Drawing comparisons to the new Tesla Cybertruck, this strange UFO-styled car was parked in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, and is fully functioning as it was originally a Chevrolet Blazer which has been refurbished into something much more interesting.

The car is said to be part of the Department of Mutant Vehicles from Burning Man, although no images of it could be found outside of Brooklyn.

In any case, the car is truly one of a kind and extremely unique, with stainless steel panels welded all around the vehicle. While nobody knows the weight of the vehicle, it must be considerably heavier than a regular car given the huge amount of excess metal frames used.

Image // Reddit

Unfortunately, the looks to have decayed quite badly from when it was first spotted around one decade ago. Many of the panels look tired and weathered, as well as a front piece completely missing so you can see the original car hood underneath, as well as the top roof piece now being completely missing.

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