Driver Manages To Take Out Highway Sign On I-84 In Connecticut

December 10, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday afternoon, a driver managed to completely remove a highway sign from the ground, while flipping their own car in the process on I-84 near Exit 33.

As this image is from the aftermath of the accident, it’s unknown what happened to the driver of the vehicle, although given what has just happened, the car appears to not have too much damage considering it has literally torn a sturdy metal sign out of the ground which would have been held in place by shear bolts.

Image // Reddit

For those unfamiliar with this particular stretch of road, Exit 33 on Interstate 84 in Connecticut is an interchange that serves the city of Waterbury. It’s a significant exit because it provides access to Route 72 and Route 69, which are important local routes, as well as Waterbury’s downtown area.

As the city of Philadelphia is responsible for the maintenance of these highway signs, it’s no doubt that there is going to be a large bill to pay, which may be passed on to the driver of the flipped vehicle.

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