America’s 2nd Favorite Chicken Restaurant Set To Open Another Franchise In Portland

December 10, 2023 by No Comments

A fast-food franchise owner has unveiled plans to rejuvenate a long-abandoned site in Southeast Portland, situated at the eastern terminus of the Hawthorne Bridge. The proposed project involves the transformation of this derelict space, which once housed a Burger King, into a new Popeyes restaurant. Popeye’s is the 2nd most popular fried chicken restaurant in the entirety of the United States.

Luke Pisors, the CEO of Ambrosia QSR, a Popeyes franchisee, stated in an email that they are currently navigating the permitting process and intend to repurpose the former Burger King structure into a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. While they aim to commence operations in 2024, providing a more precise timeline at this stage is challenging.

Notably, Popeyes already maintains a presence in the Portland area with a dozen locations offering its famous fried chicken and sought-after chicken sandwiches. When this store opens, it seems as though there will be 3 Popeyes restaurants within a 4-mile stretch.

Ambrosia QSR, the parent company of Popeyes, oversees over 200 fast-food franchises across the Northwestern region, encompassing brands such as Burger King, and Arby’s.

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The selected site at 1525 S.E. Grand Ave. has languished in disuse for an extended period since the closure of the Burger King establishment and its drive-thru. It has since become a conspicuous eyesore, occupying a fenced-off full block directly across from the Multnomah County government offices. The structure suffered fire damage in June 2020.

Popeyes outlets elsewhere in the Portland area have consistently drawn substantial foot traffic, potentially contributing to the revival of this location. A “Coming Soon” sign posted at the Grand Avenue site has already sparked considerable attention and speculation on various online platforms.

It’s worth noting that Portland has stringent regulations governing the development of new drive-thru establishments, aimed at promoting pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods. However, these restrictions do not apply to existing drive-thrus.

Ambrosia QSR has been actively engaged in the revival project since October, as evidenced by permit filings. Currently, essential permits are undergoing review by the city as part of the redevelopment efforts.

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