This Santa Fe mansion is stunning – But hasn’t sold in over 900 days

December 9, 2023 by No Comments

While this Santa Fe mansion is undeniably special, it’s also failed to sell having been on the market for over 900 days. As the three-year mark approaches, you have to ask why this is so. Perhaps the obvious answer is price. Listed on Zillow, it is priced at a staggering $14,250,000 and has not undergone any price cuts during its time on the market.

This makes it one of the priciest homes in Santa Fe and here’s what it includes: Firstly, it has 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and 7,764 sqft of living space. Secondly, it has 12.59 acres of scenic land and is located on the illustrious Kia Road.

It also comes with a sizeable car garage, gourmet kitchen, games room, 25-foot ceilings, and stunning views of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. As well, it comes with two double-adobe guesthouses, so size is definitely not an issue. In terms of location, this also lacks neighbors, making it an introvert’s dream.


Despite this, the point still remains that if a house is too expensive then it doesn’t matter how nice it is. This is possibly the issue here, as everything else ticks all of the boxes. Based on this, the property in question may take even longer to sell if this stays the same.

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