Sarah Huckabee Sanders challenged after criticizing ‘Bidenflation’

December 9, 2023 by No Comments

Recently, Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders was challenged by Twitter users after her verbal attack on President Joe Biden’s economic policy. Within the same statement, Huckabee Sanders also boasted about Arkansas’ revenue collection and state growth.

Naturally, Huckabee Sanders was never going to praise Biden. However, in giving her statement, it also allowed her critics to give jabs of their own. Specifically, her Tweet read: ‘Arkansas’ revenue collection once again blasted through expectations. It’s time to return that money to Arkansans struggling with Bidenflation. As our economy grows, government shrinks, and revenues climb, we’ll cut taxes even more to phase out our income tax entirely.’

Replying to this, one user named Rob Qualls claimed: “How is state government shrinking? You’re In libraries, you’re in personal medical decisions, you’re even going into other states to campaigns. The Government has never been bigger.”

Elsewhere, a constituent named Matt Campbell added: “So, if there’s a surplus, why didn’t most state employees get even a paltry, COLA-like pay increase this year? I mean, state employee retirement contributions increased this year, effectively cutting the pay of about 85% of state employees. You aren’t concerned about that?”

Based on these comments, it looks as though not everyone agrees with Huckabee Sanders and her definition of a shrinking government, both financially and culturally.

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