Restaurant Run Entirely By Robots Set To Launch In Pasadena

December 9, 2023 by No Comments

A Pasadena-based company renowned for pioneering robotic fast food chefs has unveiled plans to establish the world’s inaugural fully autonomous restaurant powered by artificial intelligence (AI) right here in Pasadena. Situated strategically in a premium retail location within downtown Pasadena, precisely at the northwest intersection of Green Street and Madison Avenue, 561 E. Green St.

The Cali Group, a Pasadena-based holding company that leverages technology to transform the restaurant and retail sectors, recently disclosed its collaboration with Miso Robotics and PopID, also headquartered in Pasadena, to introduce ‘CaliExpress by Flippy,’ a cutting-edge restaurant concept.

Within the forthcoming CaliExpress by Flippy establishment, advanced food technology systems will facilitate the complete automation of both grill and fry stations. These state-of-the-art systems will rely on proprietary AI and robotics for seamless operation.

Image // Google Street View

The new CaliExpress by Flippy restaurant will offer freshly crafted burgers featuring a blend of wagyu beef at competitive prices, effectively rivaling other premium burger offerings that use traditional meat, as outlined in the Group’s statement.

What sets this establishment apart is the real-time post-order preparation, where the grill robot expertly grinds high-quality beef, resulting in delectable burger patties. Additionally, the renowned robotic fry station, Flippy, ensures the perfection of crispy hot fries crafted from top-grade potatoes. The menu, while refreshingly straightforward, includes options such as burgers, cheeseburgers, and french fries.

Beyond the customer experience, these technological innovations have notable benefits for employees. They create a safer and more streamlined kitchen environment. In the fry station, Flippy introduces groundbreaking safety measures, significantly reducing the risk of slippage and burns, as well as minimizing food and oil wastage.

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