Over 1000 DHL Union Members Walk Out From Cincinnati International Airport

December 9, 2023 by No Comments

Over 1000 DHL Express employees, who are part of a labor union, initiated a work stoppage at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG). This airport plays a pivotal role as a logistics hub for the package delivery giant, and this labor action occurred during the company’s busiest season.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, which represents a significant portion of DHL’s workforce, consisting of more than 6,000 employees nationwide, reported that its members employed by DHL at the CVG location decided to strike on Thursday. The primary objectives of the strike were to underscore the employees’ demand for a fair employment contract and to voice their grievances against perceived unfair labor practices.

Image // Workers Rights

In July, negotiations between DHL and the Teamsters began for the establishment of the initial union contract at the CVG facility. This development followed a prior event in April when the ramp and tug workers, responsible for cargo loading and unloading from airplanes, voted in favor of unionization with the Teamsters. In the months that ensued, the union reported multiple instances of filing unfair labor practice claims against DHL with the National Labor Relations Board.

Notably, DHL’s CVG hub holds a prestigious status as one of the company’s three prominent “global superhubs,” alongside similar operations situated in Hong Kong and Germany. The CVG facility facilitates approximately 130 daily flights, boasting a fleet of 60 aircraft.

Furthermore, DHL’s employees at CVG are tasked with handling an impressive daily cargo volume, estimated at around 360,000 pounds, as previously disclosed by the Teamsters earlier this year.

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