I-70 In Denver In Chaos As Oversized Truck Crashes Into Bridge

December 9, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a truck with an oversized load crashed into C-470 bridge over the I-70 going out of town. This caused a huge hold-up in traffic for several hours as locals and visitors of Denver had to wait inside their cars until the road was safe enough to drive.

For those wondering, there are laws and regulations in place to address the issue of truck drivers colliding with bridges and overpasses due to height restrictions. These laws are designed to promote safety on the roads and prevent such accidents. However, this does not stop 100% of collisions.

A closeup of the accident was shown on Instagram and shows that the load must have deceived the driver as it has a slanted roof and may appear to fit under the bridge if it was measured on the shortest side. This would explain why the accident may have happened in the first place.

Some locals questioned why the police had to close all lanes, but this was done for safety reasons. The police cannot open the passage until the structural integrity of the bridge has been confirmed. It would be doubtful the bridge was damaged, but tragically in Colorado, in the year 2004 this exact bridge suffered a partial collapse and killed a family of 3.

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