HinokiPoke Set To Open In Spanish Springs, Reno

December 9, 2023 by No Comments

Reno’s favorite Poke Bowl store is set to open a new location at Sparks Crossing in Spanish Springs. This is the former location of sandwich store Gourmelt with the address being 113 Los Altos Pkwy #108, Sparks, NV 89436.

A HinokiPoke sign has been hung in the window of the store, although no exact opening date has been given yet, so it’s likely that a lot of interior work will be needed to refurbish the building to its standard.

Image // Google Maps – The former location of Gourmelt will be the new location of HinokiPoke

A poke bowl is a traditional Japanese/Hawaiian dish that has gained popularity worldwide, particularly as a healthy and flavorful meal option. It typically consists of the following key components:

  1. Base: The base is usually a bed of rice, often sushi rice or brown rice. Some variations may use other grains or greens as a base, catering to different dietary preferences.
  2. Protein: The protein component is a central element of a poke bowl. Traditionally, it features raw, marinated fish, with ahi tuna being a popular choice. However, other seafood options like salmon, shrimp, and octopus, or cooked options like tofu or chicken are also commonly used. Some restaurants offer combinations of different proteins.
  3. Toppings: Poke bowls are known for their diverse array of toppings, which add texture, flavor, and visual appeal. Common toppings include:
    • Vegetables: Examples include cucumbers, seaweed salad, avocado, and edamame.
    • Sauces: Various sauces like soy sauce, sesame oil, ponzu, spicy mayo, or sriracha may be drizzled over the bowl.
    • Crunch: Elements like crispy onions, sesame seeds, or crushed nuts provide a satisfying crunch.
    • Seasonings: Items like furikake (a Japanese seasoning blend) or sea salt can enhance the flavor profile.
  4. Extras: Some poke bowls include additional ingredients like pickled ginger, wasabi, or tobiko (fish roe) for added flavor and authenticity.
  5. Garnishes: Garnishes, such as green onions, cilantro, or microgreens, are often used to garnish the bowl and provide a fresh and vibrant touch.


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