Eugene Residents Left Confused As Car Left Perfectly Balanced On Power Cables

December 9, 2023 by No Comments

Eugene locals woke up to a strange and confusing sight of a car balanced precariously on power cables this morning.

The car somehow has crashed, yet doesn’t seem to have any significant damage, nor has it flipped over. As there is no video footage of the incident, nobody is quite sure how it happened either, which only adds to the mystery and intrigue – with many people not realizing just how strong power cables actually were.

Image // Reddit

Later on in the day, police appeared, as well as a small crowd to discuss how the car managed to get into such an unusual and unique position.

One internet user shared their theory that the car hit a curb giving it some air, given the speed it probably put more tensile pressure vertically rather than horizontally which the guy wires are supposed to have. If this happened during wet and slippery conditions, the car then slid up the guy wire until it came to a complete stop.

Perhaps more surprising is that for typical utility pole applications in suburban areas, where power cables are supported by guy wires, the guy wires are often designed to handle loads in the range of 1,000 to 5,000 pounds (450 to 2,270 kilograms) of tension. As the typical car is around 1600 kilograms, it’s not too surprising that the cables managed to hold the weight of the vehicle.


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