Cinemark tells customers of wild bat loose in Theater 5 – But you can still watch the movie

December 9, 2023 by No Comments

It’s not every day that there’s a wild bat loose in a cinema. However, this is the case for Cinemark in Pville, which has an unexpected guest in one of its theaters. Specifically, Theater 5 has a wild bat flying around. According to photos, this theater was showing Godzilla at the time.

Outside of Theater 5, Cinemark had put up a temporary sign that read: ‘Please be aware there may be a bat that may fly around inside this auditorium. We have not been able to locate it or remove it. If this is distracting or uncomfortable, please go to our box office and we will be happy to refund your ticket or exchange it to see a different movie.’


News of the bat was first announced on Reddit where a user photographed the makeshift sign outside of the theater. According to one movie-goer, the bat had since been dealt with, as they wrote: “As of yesterday, the sign was removed. We were going to go to the 8 pm showing here a few days ago, but ended up going to a different movie in a different theater. Bat bites can be really, really small. Not worth the rabies risk.”

In the same thread, others questioned the professionalism of the cinema and whether the room should have been open to the public in the first place. Nonetheless, it looks as though this saga has since been solved.


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