$500k Federal Study Announced For Amtrak Route From San Diego To San Ysidro

December 9, 2023 by No Comments

In a speight of recent Federal studies for national rail improvements, a $500k study grant has been given to look in to the possibility of creating a track from San Diego to San Ysidro.

Residents of San Diego were fairly unimpressed with the study as many people would prefer that the existing service to Los Angeles is improved before any other routes are looked at. After all, the current route takes approximately 2 hours by car, but is almost a 3-hour journey by train.

Others were quite pleased as taking the current trolley route to San Ysidro takes a lot longer than a rail journey would.

The planned corridor aims to improve the current Pacific Surfliner route, stretching from San Luis Obispo to San Diego, CA, by extending it further south to San Ysidro, CA. Additionally, the project envisions introducing increased service frequencies and enhancing reliability. The entity responsible for the corridor project will initiate the first step of the program, which involves crafting a detailed plan outlining the scope, schedule, and cost estimate necessary for creating, finalizing, or documenting the service development plan.

Rail services were selected on the following criteria:

  • New High-Speed Rail. Services planned to operate at speeds of up to 186 mph or greater, primarily or solely on new, dedicated alignment.
  • New Conventional Rail. Services generally planned to operate at speeds of up to 79-125
    mph, and primarily on existing rail alignments shared with other railroad operations
    (freight and/or commuter).
  • Existing Routes with Extensions. Existing intercity passenger rail services with
    planned extensions, operating at speeds of up to 79-125 mph and primarily on existing
    shared rail alignments.
  • Existing Routes. Existing intercity passenger rail services with planned improvements
    to frequencies, trip times, stations, or other characteristics.

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