Union City Sneaker Store robbed during nighttime raid

December 8, 2023 by No Comments

The owner of Sole Scrubs, a sneaker and streetwear store in Union City, is reeling after burglars struck his business for the third time in as many days. The thieves managed to clean out the store after breaking through security measures and using a saw to sever security cables.

The first attempt occurred early Sunday morning when burglars broke the glass front door but were unable to penetrate the security gate. Undaunted, they returned on Monday at around 1 a.m., this time smashing a window and using the saw to cut the security cables. They then reached in and grabbed everything within reach, including hoodies, jerseys, and shirts.

The thieves quickly escaped in two cars, one with a loud exhaust, with Union City police in hot pursuit. However, due to department policy, officers were unable to chase suspects for property crimes, allowing the thieves to get away scot-free.

In the aftermath of the burglary, Sole Scrubs has set up a GoFundMe page to help it recover from this devastating loss. The store has been a fixture in the Union City community for years, and its owners are devastated by this setback. They hope that the community will come together to support their business and help it get back on its feet.

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