Roy Cooper lambasted over state energy claims

December 8, 2023 by No Comments

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper recently claimed to support a push for future, cleaner energy in the state. While Cooper may not be the first governor in the US to endorse this move, it didn’t go down particularly well with his constituents. Writing on Twitter, Cooper stated: ‘A better future is being built in North Carolina, one great job at a time. North Carolina’s efforts to transition to a clean energy future are paying off in tens of thousands of new jobs in our state and major investments from companies across the world.’

Replying to this, one user said: “IF anyone TRULY cares about green energy, there is only nuclear. The power grid needs to be decentralized, and it needs new nuclear power plants in each region of a decentralized power grid.”

Elsewhere, a user named Henry Miller added: “…efforts to transition to a clean energy future are paying off…” But how many billions is it going to cost North Carolinians in taxes and higher energy costs?”

Interestingly, both of these constituents made valid points. Here, a number of people called for nuclear energy and questioned the price rises in energy bills. In the rush for clean energy, it looks as though Cooper may have missed out on these very valid points.

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