Incredible Knoxville mansion listed for sale – But it’s worth millions

December 8, 2023 by No Comments

One of Knoxville’s most expensive properties has just been listed for sale. Located at Charlton Drive, this is a mega house that boasts 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 8,427 sqft of living space, and 3.40 acres of land. Originally built in 2001, it is nestled away by a plethora of trees and backs onto a river.

In other words, if you like your privacy then this place will tick all the boxes. As you would expect with something like this, it is not cheap. Listed on Zillow, it costs $5,400,000 to buy. Rather interestingly though, its monthly HOA is a mere $4 which is peanuts in comparison.


The house also comes with a ginormous swimming pool, boat dock with access to the river, large two-story car garage, and other luxury features such as a home gym, large balcony, sauna, and pond. As if this wasn’t enough, the property also has a quaint two story guest house near the river which is ideal for housing guests.


Having said this, there is one problem with this property. Despite barely being over 20 years old, the interiors have aged poorly. As seen, many of the rooms look dated and are quite clutered. For instance, the gym is right next to a shower. Based on this, there is a good chance this property may take time to sell even with its many positive features.

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