Highly Rated Vegan Restaurant In Los Angeles To Close After 16 Years

December 8, 2023 by No Comments

On December 18th, the popular vegan restaurant Flore Vegan will close its doors for the final time after a 16-year stay. Located in Silverlake, residents of the area are saddened, but not too surprised by the closure.

This is because there is simply no parking in the Silverlake region of Los Angeles, so businesses within the area can only really rely on local residents. Passers-by have almost no available parking spaces, so cannot drop in for a quiet bite to eat.

Image // Flore Vegan

Many vegan restaurants in Los Angeles are having to adapt to challenging market conditions, with many now choosing to add non-vegan menu items such as hamburgers in order to turn a profit. Flore Vegan clearly did not intend or want to close down as they stated that this was an announcement that they would never dream of making, but sadly had to cease operations. The owners also had a gracious message to their staff and thanked them for being part of the journey.

The restaurant had a very solid 4.5 stars on Google reviews and was best known for its salads, sandwiches, and desserts, so will definitely be missed by locals.

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