Chilling footage shows cop use car to push kid into traffic

December 8, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday evening, shocking footage showed a San Antonio cop car attempting to ram a teenager into oncoming traffic. The incident was caught on dashcam by a passing driver. They then uploaded the video onto Reddit which gained over 200 comments.

Here, the person who caught the footage wrote: ‘Wife was on her way home when she saw a cop SUV pushing a kid into oncoming traffic, thankfully kid didn’t get hurt. we were trying to get a hold of SAPD (911 and non-emergency) or Leon Valley to report the incident to make sure the kid was good, but SAPD and Leon Valley kept passing the ball off to each other. The wife said the kid looked very scared and was trying to ensure it was reported. So if anyone here witnessed this or maybe just shared this with people you know who have kids at Marshall (closest high school to Bandera and Huebner) that may know who this is, please share. We want to make sure the kid is ok. The wife pulled over to check on the kid, but cop had the kid get in his SUV and took off.’

Understandably, many locals were disgusted with the cop’s actions and condemned it. At this moment in time, it is not known if this incident has been investigated. However, so far the story has not been covered by any San Antonio news sites.

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