Brazen Bighorn Sheep randomly climbs to top of house

December 8, 2023 by No Comments

It’s not every day that you look up to your roof and see a Bighorn Sheep casually chilling out. However, this was the case of one Boulder homeowner who had a Bighorn Sheep stay on their roof for nearly two days. According to eyewitnesses, the sheep somehow climbed up there and got stuck. While Bighorn Sheep are notoriously good at climbing their own terrain, being able to safely get down from a manmade house may have proven a bridge too far.

The incident was caught by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife account which wrote: ‘This is not the type of clatter you want to hear on your roof during December…A Bighorn Sheep got stuck on top of a house in Boulder Co Tuesday.’

According to the account, the sheep managed to get down to the deck before officers cut part of the decking to create an exit. Before leaving, the sheep even managed to peep into a camera one last time. At this time of year, you may assume that it’s Santa Claus on your roof when hearing noise. However, seeing a Bighorn Sheep is possibly the next best thing.

Typically these sheep can easily scale steep, rocky terrain thanks to their specialized hooves, which have rough pads and sharp edges that provide traction and grip. With this said, although this story may be odd, it isn’t as weird as it first sounds.


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