Yard Waste Collection suspended in Little Rock – Here’s why

December 7, 2023 by No Comments

Due to staffing shortages, yard waste collection services in Little Rock have been temporarily suspended, the city announced on Wednesday morning. While the city anticipates resuming regular collection in the near future, residents are advised to hold off on hauling yard waste to the curb until further notice.

Writing on Twitter, the city explained its position and said: ‘The City of Little Rock Public Works Department has temporarily suspended yard waste collections effective today, Wednesday, Dec. 6, because of a lack of trucks and available personnel to cover both garbage routes and yard waste pick-up.

Yard waste collection will resume as soon as possible. The City will update residents when normal service returns and will provide notice of when delayed routes will be covered. Follow the City of Little Rock on Facebook and X for the most up-to-date information on the status of yard waste collection.’

As you may expect, locals weren’t very pleased by this announcement. Here, one local replied saying: ‘And the City Board for gave themselves a $7000 raise for doing their elected PART-TIME jobs, while giving full-time City employees only a 3% raise, suspending yard waste pick-up indefinitely. I hope these elected directors, including the mayor, can sleep at night.’

This temporary disruption to yard waste collection is expected to cause some inconvenience for residents, but the city assures that efforts are underway to address the staffing concerns and restore normal service as soon as possible.

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