New Lego-themed cafe opens in Cincinnati

December 7, 2023 by No Comments

The Brickery Café and Play, the first Lego-inspired cafe in the United States, has opened its doors at Newport on the Levee. This unique establishment, spearheaded by Tri-State native Daniel Johnson and his wife, Serenity, offers a delightful fusion of dining and creative engagement.

Johnson, a linguistics expert, embarked on this venture after years of experience in the corporate world. With unwavering determination, he transformed his vision into a tangible reality, establishing a brick-and-mortar location within just two years. Cushman and Wakefield played a crucial role in securing the perfect spot for The Brickery, ultimately selecting The Gallery at Newport on the Levee.

The café caters to a wide range of interests, providing an immersive Lego experience for both children and adults. Visitors can rent Lego sets to construct masterpieces, and if their creations exceed expectations, they can even purchase the complete sets. Additionally, a diverse selection of new and used Lego sets awaits curious minds.

The Brickery seamlessly blends family-friendly ambiance with adult-oriented activities. While children revel in the joy of building and celebrating birthdays in dedicated party rooms, adults can enjoy trivia nights, team events, company gatherings, and even “elevated date nights.” Johnson envisions a space where everyone, regardless of age or interests, can find something to cherish.

While the café’s beverage menu is currently limited to coffee, handcrafted sodas, and a variety of snacks, Johnson plans to expand it to include beer and wine in the near future. Until then, patrons can quench their thirst and fuel their creativity with these delightful options.

Johnson emphasizes that The Brickery is not merely a haven for Lego enthusiasts; it’s a welcoming haven for everyone seeking a unique and engaging experience. Whether you’re an aspiring architect, a curious individual, or simply looking for a place to unwind and connect, The Brickery is the perfect destination.

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