Giant Aldi store set to open next month

December 7, 2023 by No Comments

Phoenix is set for its newest Aldi store which is set to open in early January. The supermarket will be located at Tatum & Cactus in the space previously occupied by Steinmart. As seen in the photograph below, the store looks near completion which makes sense considering its impending opening date.

News of the stores opening was also shared on Reddit where users commented in excitement regarding what the store would bring. In comparison to most regular US grocery stores, it’s fair to say that Aldi is quite unique. Perhaps more importantly, the store is also famous for its low prices compared to competitors. To date, Phoenix currently has two Aldi locations that have been based in the city for some time. Based on this, it looks like the European retail giant’s expansion in the city is currently in full swing.

Aldi was founded in 1961 in Germany by the Albrecht Family. In 1976, they opened their first US store in Iowa. Today, they have over 2,200 stores across 38 states and over 25,000 employees. Their stores are designed to be small and efficient, with fewer aisles and fewer products per aisle than traditional supermarkets. They also use private label products and a no-frills approach to marketing, which allows them to keep prices low.


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