Black Hawk Helicopter spotted in Nashville skies

December 7, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, Nashville residents were surprised by a military helicopter that was seen gracefully maneuvering through the Opry Mills skies. This unexpected spectacle left many onlookers awestruck, as such a sight rarely graces the city’s skyline.

These helicopters, specifically Blackhawks, are commonly used by the US military and are known for their powerful presence and distinctive silhouette. Their presence in Nashville wasn’t a typical occurrence, and their loud engine noises likely preceded their visual arrival. These helicopters are not only impressive to behold but also quite costly, with an estimated price tag of around $25-30 million each.


News of this aircraft was also documented on Reddit by a shocked onlooker who managed to photograph the chopper. Here, one user explained what it was doing in the city and wrote: “The TN Army NG has a large aviation unit at BNA. They do weekly training and often fly all around Nashville at low altitude.” With this said, this sighting may not be quite as rare as you’d first think.

The unexpected appearance of this Blackhawk helicopter provided a momentary thrill for Nashville residents, a reminder of the city’s proximity to military operations. While the exact purpose of their visit remains unclear, their presence added a touch of intrigue and excitement to the city’s skyline.

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